Imamoglu Textile

High Quality Textile Products

As İmamoğlu Tekstil, we are proud to be one of the first textile factories in Turkey. In addition, we have been operating since 1983 with a wide range of product groups, especially woolen blankets.


In our manufacturing facility, pure lamb's wool is washed and turned into wool covers. 

Top Quality

The goal we set to heat the global world takes our quality to the highest levels.

Expert Staff

With our expert staff who love their job we reach high standards together.

About Us

Imamoglu Textile

As a business, we show the necessary sensitivity and sensitivity about woolen products to the finest detail and take care to inform our customers comprehensively. In addition, our manufacturing facility has its own machinery and equipment park in all stages until the pure lamb's wool is washed and becomes a wool cover.

Our Vision

In this sector, in which we operate in the domestic and foreign markets, our mission and vision is one hundred percent quality as well as customer satisfaction.

Our Quality Policy

Our path in exports is through quality and we are proud to create high employment and a solid supply chain to reach the highest standards together.

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Years of Experience
The latest scientific results

Sleep research

In line with previous scientific findings, a study undertaken by the University of Sydney, Australia, and funded by the Australian Wool Innovation Company, found that a better night's sleep was achieved in or under wool.

Healthy, Comfortable and Safe Environments

Life with Wool

Wool;  innovative, versatile and durable. A perfect blend of natural performance, strength and comfort, wool is the ideal choice for interiors of homes, offices, hotels, hospitals and other public spaces. The benefits of wool and more in our article...

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Our Production Stages

8 Stage Production Line

Our manufacturing facility has its own machinery and equipment park in all the stages until the pure lamb wool is washed and turned into a wool cover.

1 - Wool Sieving

In addition to the cleaned pure wool we procure from our local suppliers in the market, we process it in our own in-house machine and make it ready for production.

2 - Coloring

The wools that pass through the cleaning process are taken into the dyeing process in line with the colors determined by the stock or customer respectively.

3 - Threshing

In the stage following the dyeing process, we make the wool ready for machine carding respectively.

Our Certificates

We crown our place in the wool industry with important certificates that are globally recognized and accepted.

We are certified by The Woolmark Company to meet the global quality standard for wool production.

The Oeko Tex Certificate awarded to our company by the International Association for Research and Testing in Textile, Leather Ecology certifies that we produce both environmentally and socially healthy products.

Certified by Amfori, an international organization for open and sustainable trade, our company certifies that it acts responsibly in the use of natural resources.